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WHO'S THE Business checkup FOR?

Just like with cars, a regular checkup is required every year for every car. That is why the Business Checkup is suitable for every company. But of course your company is your company for a reason. So does it also suit your business? Do you need an annual checkup or is a full maintenance service perhaps more suited for you? The Business Checkup can also be used for private and work situations. But if you, as a company, want to take a bigger approach for all your employees, then there’s also the "Major Maintenance Service".

Together we work on optimizing job satisfaction and productivity. Honest and respectful at the pace that best suits your business operations. You discover your own strength and skills, get insides on how you develop and use them. Both for employer, employee and self-employed person.

Ready for personal development and feeling better about yourself?

Do you have trouble setting boundaries?

Do you sometimes find collaboration difficult?

Do you have trouble setting boundaries?


In a checkup session you can

annually look at:

  • the status of the goals set by yourself
  • is everything still running smoothly?
  • what gets you stuck?
  • an annual Business Checkup appointment is your trigger to keep yourself feeling healthy

Checkup for all employees

is aimed at:

  • optimizing job satisfaction
  • seeing where your strength lie
  • observing where things can go smoother
  • examining boundaries, blockages and possibilities

The checkup for team development

provides advice and coaching in:

  • make employees work happier and more efficiently
  • a safe working environment that creates healthier employees
  • constructive conflicts, which provide solutions
  • optimizing job satisfaction and productivity

Curious about customized advice?

The above services are different for everyone. That’s a good thing, because otherwise we would be robots. With your story as input, I can always look for a suitable treatment. We can always schedule a first contact any way you like it. By email. Or send a carrier pigeon. Or even better, a telegram! Apping is also allowed! Message in a Bottle! Phone! Voicemail. Bring on your messages!

Do you dare?