Haptotherapy Kunst van Contact

looking for some

we’re going to work on:

  • listening to signals from your body
  • create self-awareness
  • feel what you really want
  • learn to make conscious decisions
  • reduce stress complaints
  • tackle your request for help
is aimed at:
  • making contact with the unborn child
  • actively involving the partner
  • prepare for the delivery of the baby together
  • discuss a birth plan together
  • dealing with pain and discomfort

gives advice and results in:

  • getting aware of your limits
  • deliver better sports performances
  • enjoy exercise again without worries
  • perform better under pressure
  • physical complaints without a clear cause
  • varying complaints that can be the result of too much tension
  • recognizing your movement patterns
  • mapping your stress factors

the ideal way to:

  • arrange a regular check-up with yourself
  • see where things are going well and where perhaps less
  • looking at the status of the goals set for yourself
  • helpful way to think about yourself now and then
  • prevent instead of cure
for freelancers, management teams, employers and employees:
  • optimizing job satisfaction and productivity
  • healthy employees, prevention is better than curing
  • looking at boundaries, blockages, possibilities and patterns
  • coaching during meetings
  • also possible at your own location!

the ultimate personal challenge:

  • deepening into a theme or request for help
  • helps to gain insight into patterns and habits more quickly
  • for those who like a personal challenge
  • take time for yourself in one location
  • an informal daily situation for maximum results
  • 12 hours and yet time is not an issue
  • also possible at your location!

Curious about customized advice?

The above services that I can offer are different for everyone. That’s a good thing, because otherwise we would be robots. With your story as input, I can always look for a suitable treatment. We can always schedule a first contact any way you like it.

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