Haptotherapy Kunst van Contact

Time for space

WHAT suits YOU best?

Through conversations, experiential exercises and affective forms of touch, you get the opportunity to get more in touch with your emotions, your feelings and of course yourself. This way you can recognize what signals your body is telling you and the meaning it can have for you.

  • € 84,50 (+/- 60 min)

When you don’t really have a direct request for help, but you like to give yourself a checkup from time to time. See how things are going. 

  • € 84,50 (+/- 60 min)

Together we work on optimizing job satisfaction and productivity. Honest and respectful at a pace that best suits your business operations. You discover your own strength and skills, how you develop and use them. Both for employer, employee and self-employed person.

  • € 97 (+/- 60 min) (Excl VAT)*
    Visiting process on location possible, price in consultation

This unique opportunity in the pregnancy process is intended for you AND especially your partner. In these sessions you will learn practical tips and ways to make contact with your baby at an early stage of pregnancy in 7 useful sessions.

  • € 92,50 (+/- 60 min) *
  • € 600 Complete course (7 sessions)*

    *(per session for 2 people)

The feeling of performance pressure is what every athlete feels. Preventing existing and new injuries ensures optimal sports pleasure. Don’t spend too long with your injury.

These sessions can also take place at your sports location in consultation

  • € 84,50 (+/- 60 min)

I consider it a privilege as a haptotherapist to be part of the development process of you as a client. Together we discover where possibilities and new opportunities lie. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but there are always options. A touch of humor can sometimes help with that. And sometimes it takes more time than 1 hour. 12 hours for example. Do you dare to take on the ultimate haptonomic challenge?

  • 12 hours for € 700.00 (excluding VAT)

or we meet at your place?

Just do it! Do it!