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What is a personal checkup? Compair it to a car. You are obligded to have a regular checkup on it to ensure your car is in good health and ready to take on the world. This is meant for every car on the road. A personal checkup is your own way of checking if everything runs smoothly (or not and that is totally fine) and if you are ready to take on the world again. The personal checkup is suitable for everyone. But of course you are not just anyone. So does it suit you too? Let’s refresh your oil and give you some new windscreenwhipers!

The cool thing is, a personal checkup can be used for your private and your work situation. But if you, as a company, would like to take a bigger approach for all your employees, then I also have another option for you called: the ‘Business Checkup’. In addition, also for employer, employee or self-employed person.

Together we checkup on your balance in life and that what makes you uniqely you. Always honest and respectful at the pace that suits you best. You discover your own strength and skills and how you develop and use them.

a personal checkup please:

In a personal checkup session you can annually look at:

  • the status of your own goals
  • is everything still running smoothly?
  • what do you get stuck in?
  • an annual checkup appointment is your trigger to keep yourself feeling healthy.

Give yourself a personal checkup or rather gift it to someone else?

You go to the sauna, the hairdresser and the nail stylist, everything on the outside. But why not let yourself be pampered on the inside? If things are going well you can get confirmation, if things are not going well we’ll look at it together. You can also gift this to someone else. I’m happy to explain everything about it to you in person.

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