Haptotherapy Kunst van Contact



  • physical complaints without a clear cause
  • varying complaints that can be the result of too much tension
  • provide insight into your movement patterns
  • learn to feel your limits
  • map your stress factors
  • feeling more aware of your limits
  • find your sport enjoyment again
  • become more body conscious
  • deliver better sports performance
  • prevention of muscle tension or muscle spasms
  • prevention of new injuries
  • enjoy exercise again without worries
  • perform better under pressure
  • recognize signals in your body, become aware of them and act accordingly, now and for future reverence

Train the Trainer

There is a lot to analyze on the field. As a trainer you are therefore keen on how your players develop. But who keeps you on your toes? It can occur that:

  • your way of communicating no longer reaches the group
  • you lose authority at crucial moments
  • a player, meanwhile, sees a standard injury as normal

Do you want to find out how you act as a trainer (and coach) for the group? This can be scary, I understand that! A good trainer (and coach) always shows the best practical example. And showing that everyone can always continue to learn might be the best trainer you can get.

Train The Trainer is made for this. Together we analyze how you stand in front of the group, what we can deduce from behavior and players and how you can respond effectively to this.

Curious about tailor-made advice?

As an sporter you already have a lot of feeling for things. You already know how the ball will hit the net of the goal before it leaves your shoe. That tap with your hockey stick that makes you know it’s a goal without looking. That moment when you know you're getting a perfect shot and it's going to be a point anyway. You know someone is going to fake a move and you anticipate this. That's feeling. If you can have that with the game, you can do that with yourself too.

Aim well