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With haptotherapy you learn to listen to the signals from your body, you create more self-awareness and you can reduce stress complaints.

Before your baby is born, a pregnancy process is already underway.
I emphasize that you form a team together. It gives you a chance to make contact with your baby before it’s born.

Recognize this? You often have a place that’s sensitive during exercise. Continuing to walk with this can cause you to get injured. But it doesn’t have to be.

You have all kinds of feelings together, mostly about each other. And you don’t seem to understand each other anymore.

A checkup for your company can ensure you finding more fun in what you do, learn to work more efficiently instead of working harder and gives you insides on what works best for you!

Just like with cars, a regular personal checkup is something everybody can benefit from. This makes the personal checkup suitable for everyone.

Do you think you can take up the challenge of working hard on yourself for 12 hours? Then this is the adventure for you.

Do you think you’re up to do an eye test like a true chameleon? Really? Sure? I dare you!


"it wakes you up"

The way in which Joke notices the small shifts in my posture and face are so minimal yet so clearly of great value that it only works when you have developed such sharp senses and high perception as she. She knows exactly how to put her eye and question in the right place, so that you are, as it were, 'shaken up' by an external person. Something that you may already know or did not dare to face or perhaps even pushed away, Joke creates a safe invironment in which you can face your owns emotions head on.

"my feet back on the ground"

My partner and I both went to Joke for a series of appointments to regain ourselves and clarify underlying discomforts. These inconveniences had to do with both the relationship and at work. We have received tools from her that are valuable for the rest of our lives. Sometimes it's difficult to come to a certain conclusion for yourself why something does so much to you. An 'outsider' like Joke can help you to get a clear view of your being and help you to get your feet on the ground again and feel what something is doing to you.

“learning to feel (again) was the best thing”

Joke is an authentic lady who understands her profession. She sympathizes, reflects and gives feedback in a respectful way. She has a good sense of what is helpful and what is not and she looks for the boundaries to enable development. I was looking for a person where I not only had to talk (I have already done that enough with other care providers) but where I mainly learned to feel again. Joke helped me with this perfectly. I have just enough tools (not too many and not too few) to get back on track. The sessions helped me get out of my head and get my heart, abdomen, pelvis and head back into alignment. I have not changed, but I have become more who I actually am.